What the fuck do you have to do to get a fucking aspirin around here? Toss salad? Well bend over and give me a toothbrush and tongue-scraper for the rinse and repeat afterward for Pete’s sake!!! I demand a recount!!!!! Crack is wack!!!!! I did not have sexual relations with that woman…my dildo is still in my dishwasher you assholes!!!!! Give us free!!!!! My pussy is itching!!!!!! Gooney gooney goo goo!!!!!! The sky is falling!!!!! THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!! Papa don’t preach!!!!! I did it all for the nookie!!!!! We’re just ordinary people!!!!! Girls just wanna have fun!!!!! Oops I did it again!!!!! Pretty on FLEEK p-p-pretty on FLEEK!!! My Dougie!!!!! How you hatin from outside of the club and you can’t even get in? Don’t go chasing waterfalls!!!!! Dust yourself off and try again!!!!! No man can say no to this pussy!!!!! Well my nuts is halfway up my ass, other than that I’m perfect!!!!! I’m not adopted!!!!! I’m not Indian!!!!! It’s just a coincidence that I have a love of gambling and booze and a knack for catching syphilis!!!!! I feel good today, Silent Bob, we’re gonna make some money, then you know what we’re going to do? We’re gonna go to that party, we’re gonna get some pussy, and I’m gonna fuck this bitch, I’ll fuck this bitch, I’ll fuck ANYTHING THAT MOVES! Yo, what the fuck you lookin’ at? I’ll kick your fuckin’ ass! Shit yeah. Doesn’t that mother fucker owe me 10 bucks? You know, fuckin’ tonight, we’re gonna rip off this fucker’s head, and tear out his fuckin’ soul. Remind me if he tries to buy something, I’m gonna shit in the motherfucker’s bag. Hey, what’s up babes? What’s up, sluts? PUMPS IN A BUMP!!!!! Mmmbop, ba duba dop. Ba du bop, ba duba dop. Ba du bop, ba duba dop. Ba du, yeah. Mmmbop, ba duba dop. Ba du bop, ba du dop. Ba du bop, ba du dop. Ba du, yeah. See daddy. Sinners need love too!!!!! I love it when ya call me Big Poppa!!!!! Don’t pull the thang out unless you plan to bang!!!!! Nuck if you buck boy!!!!! Brake me off; show me what ya got; cuz I don’t want no one minute man!!!!! I!!!!! Want!!!!! Muscles!!!!! I like clipper ships!!!!! You might think I’m crazy, but I’m serious!!!!! GET IN MY BELLY!!!!! To the moon Alice!!!!! You wanna hit people with garbage cans!!!!! Momma always said life was like a box of chocolates!!!!!! Papa, don’t preach!!!!! I’m a genie in a bottle!!!!! You’ve gotta rub me the right way!!!!! Where have all the Cowboys gone? What if God was one of us? Just a slob like one of us? Just a stranger on the bus trying to find his way home? As if!!!! I’m not a slut!!!!! I’m not a slut!!!!! I ain’t no slut!!!!! I’m a Puerto Rican lady señor!!!!! Mind ya business that’s all!!!!! Mind ya business!!!!!!

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